Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A legend returns... somewhat diminished

Big Sur, a mythical wave of the Colorado River that only appears during flows above 20,000 cfs is back after several years and well... it turns out it is not that exciting. A good story in today's post details how modern boats and kayak parks have diminished the allure of this prodigal wave.
Photo by Scott Willoughby

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AndyW said...

I dunno if this is entirely fair, since some old-timers say the wave used to be twice as big, but it does make me feel better about not bothering to drive out there.
I can verify first-hand, however, that it's totally worth driving to Pueblo to catch the play park when they're letting 4,000 cfs out of the dam. No. 5 - or was it No. 4? - becomes a world-class wave that will turn anyone who can hang on into a rodeo champion.