Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Learning the lingo

We invited some friends to go camping with us this weekend up in BV for some mountain biking and possibly kayaking. My wife sent out an e-mail that mentioned we had a double duckie if anyone wanted to do a float down the Milk Run.

After receiving the e-mail, my co-worker Christopher came over to ask what a double duckie was. And a Milk Run. And BV.

Which led me to observe that if you floated the Milk Run in a double duckie at 5,000 cfs, you would likely get maytagged and end up yard saling all the way through Browns before the Suckhole spit you out.

All of which is a long set-up for the money quote:

"My god, you're 37. What are you talking about? It's like kindergartner-speak."


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Too funny man! The only thing to make the TR better would be if you threw some ends, a phonix monkey, and maybe a blunt or two through the Zoom in your duckie......

So true, and it happens all the time when you're around new or non-kayakers.