Tuesday, June 10, 2008


When asked to choose an answer to the following question, “You are lost in the woods and a storm is coming, who would you choose to lead you to safety?” respondents to The Great Outdoor Survey voted for Homer Simpson more often than George W. Bush. Barack Obama came out on top when it comes to leading Americans out of the woods during a storm, while Sen. Hillary Clinton was a close second and Sen. John McCain ranked third.

If the choice is finding a conversation partner for a long day hike, Oprah Winfrey tops the list with Bill Gates coming in second, the Pope garnering third, and George Clooney nabbing fourth. President Bush was a last choice yet again.

And who wins as a partner for a long bike ride? The nod goes once again to Obama. I just hope he really stopped smoking.


Anonymous said...

GObama! GO hiking with GObama! It's way better than crummy Chimplistic McBushitler faux-brush clearing. Bush lied, scrub oak died!

Don't worry, I'm sure Obama can stop smoking anytime he wants to. He's certainly has the hope a person needs to CHANGE.

al said...

I'll bet most of those surveyed have never been in in what we might consider the woods.