Monday, June 16, 2008

Captain Jacks motorized designation

Turns out Captain Jacks, a Colorado Springs trail developed by motor bikes, is not officially designated for motorized use. So parks is holding a hearing on whether official motorized use should be granted.
What interests me though, is Captain Jack herself. Here is a nice article on the woman who lends her name to this popular trail (above) and the guest house she ran at the top of the high drive (below.)


John said...


Thanks for acknowledging the connection between Jacks and motorcyclists. I grew up riding this trail system over 25 years ago and consider it precious. In order to keep this gem open to ALL users, motorcyclists have spent thousands of dollars and volunteer hours to maintain the trail and parking areas.

A few weekends ago, the CMTRA (Colorado Motorcycle Trail Riders Association) completed fencing around the lower parking lot to discourage dumping and off-trail use as well as a retaining wall and as always trail maintenance.

Over this summer the CMTRA will be directing Youth Core and Two Core trail crews, in association with the USFS to complete much more work to make the trails even better. All of this is from volunteer effort and state OHV grants (our money and labor).

Also great to hear some history of Captain Jack, you can still see a foundation at the top of the high drive, I must assume it is Jacks. Pretty darn cool.

Dave Philipps said...

I've always been impressed with the amount of work the moto guys put into this trail. Nice job.

Bo said...

I too have been riding the jacks since my youth, I started riding way back in 1966, back then you could also ride up Barr trail. It troubles me to think we could lose our right to ride this trail, so I have spread the word to all motorcyclists I know, we will be represented.....This is our only local trail that we can ride, I do'nt want to lose it....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to give public comment on this matter.

In this day and age of decreasing opportunities for motorcycles on public lands, I is exciting to see that the Colorado Springs city council supports the use of multi-use recreation in and around the area. As you know, motorcycling is a sport enjoyed by young and old alike.

Motorcycling brings discretionary dollars to the area in which multi-use trails are supported. By supporting multi-use trails currently in place at Captain Jack's, you are supporting the local businesses of your constituents.

Motorcycling gives an options to families besides television and video games. By supporting multi-use trails currently in place at Captain Jack's, you are supporting healthy alternatives.

Motorcycling is a vigorous exercise sport. By supporting multi-use trails currently in place at Captain Jack's, you are supporting healthy lifestyles.

Please support the permanent designation of multi-use trails in the Captain Jack's area.

A few additional points:

• Captain Jacks has been motorized since before the 1960's

• Motorcycle riders have spent thousands of dollars and
volunteer hours to maintain this trail system and trail head. All of
this work has been in direct cooperation with the US Forest Service
and Colorado Springs City Parks.

• Captain Jacks is the only true multi-use trail system in the
Colorado Springs area. The Springsgov website currently and clearly
states that motorcycle use is permitted.

• There are no user conflicts on record.

• Allows kids and families to get exercise with a variety of sports,
not just hiking.

• The adjacent section of Gold Camp Road is also a legitimate
motorized use (recreational and scenic) of North Cheyenne Canyon Park.


Anonymous said...

As an avid mountain biker and hiker, I too enjoy Capt. Jacks, right alongside the motorcycles. In years of using the trail, I've never had a problem sharing, I always thought it was a motorcycle trail first. Considering motorcyclists' investment in it's upkeep, restricting it's use just doesn't make sense. Afterall, where then, would motorcycles be able to go?

Anonymous said...

There are many user conflicts on Captain Jacks instigated by MC's. I know of two personally, one was physical and severe requiring plaster and stiches and was intentional. Likely not CMTRA members, but there are many conflicts, some major, most minor, so don't kid yourselves. Do not pat yourselves on the back on this one - one irresponsible user on an mc or atv can cause a years worth of mtb or horse damage to the trail, or one conflict with the wrong hiker, horse, or mtb will set you back years.

Full disclosure - I'm an MTB rider, and I don't think for one minute that my fellow MTB riders don't cause all sorts of issues on Captain Jacks or the local multi-use trails. I've always respected mc's, and will continue to do so.

I already fight for responsible motorized use of some trail systems, and at least access through/around trail systems that are inappropriate for motorized use. I also fight for atv trails vs mc singletrack - our mtb trails here, Utah, and elsewhere would not exist without mc's. Nor would our suspensions, disc brakes etc. Heck, nor would the truly talented riders for that matter.

Don't get me wrong here folks, you have the right to these trails more than most from a history and volunteer perspective - just saying there are some serious issues with irresponsible trail users in all methods of transportation. We all have to police ourselves and continue to volunteer.