Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wolverines return to California, ask mountain lions "What you lookin' at?!"

This picture was captured in March by a motion-triggered camera in Tahoe National Forest. According to a Bloomberg story, it's the first Wolverine spotted in the Golden State since 1922.

As few as 200 to 300 wolverines are thought to remain in the United States, mostly in Montana and Idaho. They are notoriously bad-ass, as this recent essay shows.

For 13 years, the Biodiversity Legal Foundation, based in Louisville, Colorado, has led a campaign to win federal protection for wolverines under the Endangered Species Act. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rejected petitions in 1995 and 2000, saying not enough was known about wolverines to put them on the protected list.

In fact, very little is known about these super-sized killer weasels. The Colorado Division of Wildlife has no idea if they live in the state or not.


Rikki-Tikki-Tavi said...

Ah, wolverines are pussies.

al said...

I can see the cartoon mow: a bunch of wolverines sitting around a bar (with a University of Michigan flag casually hung in the background), some shaking their heads in disbelief while one says, "I tell ya, I was returning from the Joneses by the back way and I lost 45 minutes of my life! No idea where it went. And I got this nasty scar..." Caption underneath: "Wolverine abduction stories."

al said...

Oops. 6th word "now"

Bret Michaels said...

I love any research where the words "bad ass" can be used. Keeps those clunky elistist professors in their place with their big words and big ideas.

If Tommy Lee were going to write an essay he'd use bad ass for sure and we all know Tommy Lee totally rocks.