Friday, May 02, 2008

Update on the hippy-pop up. This time with solar

A company called Verdier has come up with a new, sustainable version of the VW westfalia, minus any clearance you might need to get to an interesting camping spot.


Matthew McConaughey said...

Hey, isn't it about time you update us on this guy?

"At sunset on March 21,2008, Demetri Coupounas, President & Co-Founder of outdoor apparel and gear manufacturer GoLite, will begin hiking the Appalachian Trail northbound from Springer Mountain, Georgia carrying over 120 pounds on his back. By sunset on April 30, 2008, he hopes to have set a new world “alpine style” backpacking distance hiking record, while personally commemorating the 10th anniversary of the company that he co-founded with his wife and father almost a decade ago."

It's May 2nd, so I would think the 120 lb. pack and him should be around Mt. Katadhin shortly, right?

Not trying to scoop you, but here's what I found while trying to follow-up.

Looks like he gave up the pack and the no-resupply idea at Neels Gap in Georgia. Neel's Gap is about 30 miles into the the AT and one of the earlier dumping off points.

To his credit, it sounds like he's continuing the hike and is still carrying 20 lbs. of balls. Maybe he'll take it easy, follow the advice and stop for some beers/tubing in Harper's Ferry.

Oh yeah, and that hippy-pop up is totally righteous. The Misses, baby Budweiser and I are gonna bag the Airstream for this.

Super Critical Guy said...

30 miles in? What an absolute puss. That fat guy Bill Bryson and his drunk friend got further than that on bologna and cold bottles of Jamaican Malt.

zen said...

Wow! Add me wireless capability and a composting crapper and I'm set for existence. Suweeet!