Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Roads closed as part of Arkansas

The BLM formally approved the Arkansas River Travel Management Plan Decision Record last week, limiting off-road access to off-highway vehicles in the area west of Royal Gorge. Here are the changes

· OHV open designations in Texas Creek, Grand Canyon Hills, and Sand Gulch are changed to OHV limited to roads and trails.

· OHV open designation at Turkey Rock, a 52 acre portion of the Sand Gulch area, is changed to limited by vehicle type;

· OHV limited designation on High Mesa Grassland Research Natural Area/Instant Study Area is changed to OHV closed.

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John said...

As federal budjets plummet and the USFS & BLM aren't given the money to manage and maintain their roads and trials, more and more recreation will be limited, motorized and non-motorized.
Example....I understand the Pike/San Isabel FS district is given $5k to manage and maintain 800+ miles of roads and trails.

In contrast, the population of Colorado & specifically Colorado Springs is increasing and more people are chosing motorized recreation or a combination thereof. Example.....snowmobile to a base area and skin or climb to ski an a bowl our coulior. Motorcycle to a high mountian lake to fly fish.

Please particapate in keeping OUR trails open and/or help to re-route or replace unsustainable trails. Otherwise you may wake up one day and have no access to YOUR Colorado, the state will be designated "wilderness" by DC politicians and anti-access groups. Be responsible and take care of the land.