Friday, May 30, 2008

New plans call for I-70 train

You can hear the skiers cheering. A group that has been meeting for eight months to come up with a plan to ease congestion on the mountain interstate approved a plan for an "advanced guideway" train by 2025.

This is not so much a Colorado Springs story as a Denver story, but won't it be cool for skiers to be cool for skiers to be able to get on the train, relax, have a breakfast burrito, and ski as long as they want without worrying about missing traffic on the way home.

Even better, if they can build a train on the narrow I-70 corrridor, can one on I-25 be far behind?


erik said...

This is one of the good things about $4 gas. INNOVATION. we'll get that monorail on hwy 24 when it hits $8.

Dave Philipps said...

At what point do we get a zipline?

erik said...

when we build up sufficient biceps.

Anonymous said...

Won't need the rail with $4+ gas. People won't ski with $130+ lift tickets OR they may start to ride share.

Now if a bus system could start in 2008, maybe we could get ready for rail in 2030.