Tuesday, May 27, 2008

For Denver teacher, 50 state summits in 50 days

Denver schoolteacher Mike Haugen plans to climb all 50 state high points in as many days. Sure, that's sounds easy enough when you're knocking around Missouri and Arkansas, or even Vermont's stately Mount Mansfield, but the trip includes a jaunt up Alaska's Mount McKinley too. Haugen, 31, hopes to combat increasing rates of childhood obesity due to poor eating and exercise habits by hosting an online virtual challenge, which begins June 9. The public can follow along in real time HERE during June and July.

Haugen will summit by any means during his 24,000-mile journey this summer, even if by car.
His goal is to finish on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, less than 50 days later, on approximately July 25, beating the current record by a few hours.


Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Mr. Haugen. A great example for his students and others - set a goal, go after it and enjoy the challenge.

Gaylord McTampa said...

I hope he doesn't plan to do Britton Hill (FL) without supplemental oxygen and a Sherpa. People totally get summit fever and overestimate their abilities at Britton. We've lost a lot of people on the south face of that hill and I don't want to see that teacher bite off more than he can chew. I know Leave No Child Behind is all about statistics, but I don't want to see this educator become another one.