Friday, May 16, 2008

Crested Butte ski photo bonus

I skied Mount Axtel near Crested Butte May 11, with some very gracious locals, Jayson Simons-Jones and Karina Speere. Here are some photos that didn't fit in today's story on the near-record snowpack there in Out There.
With snow still at winter levels, everyone parks their snowmobiles at the edge of town and uses them to access closed roads.We had planned on a corn snow day, but after a storm overnight, we got powder instead

The spring snowpack lets you ski steep chutes with little avalanche danger.

Who figured we'd be getting face shots in May?

A look back up at some of the terrain we skied.


Hunter said...

Life is grand in the spring, nice shots.

Dave Philipps said...

The snow really wasn't that deep. I was skiing with midgets.

John said...

Looks like a great day Dave, I am very jealous. Just wanted to take the opportunity to point out that you were using a motorized vehicle as a part of your trip. What if that road or trail you used was closed to motorized vehicles?

I see a lot of anti-access and/or anti-motorized comments on this blog and would like to communicate that this trip is a great example of the motorized uses that myself and other motorized recreationalists are passionate about. Misrepresentation of our sport in the media unfortunately drives a large part of the current public perception. Good news doesn't sell, but confilct sure does.

Thanks for the great pow pow photos.