Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ski facilities on Pikes Peak part of Olympic Committee incentive package

In addition to $53 million in incentives to Keep the US Olympic Committee in the area, including a new downtown office building and renovations for the Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs Mayor Lionel Rivera announced April 1 that the city would help develop a Lake Palcid-style "winter sport training facility" on Pikes Peak, including lift-served downhill ski runs, a nordic ski track and ski jumps.
"We all know a facility like this is a natural fit for Pikes Peak," Rivera said. "I'm just glad the Olympic committee was here to twist our arm and complain until we had reason to build it."
The facility will also include one of the world's longest luge courses, stretching from near Barr Camp to Green Mountain Falls, and including at least two loop-de-loops.
Some Pikes Peak residents are objecting to the plans, particularly people living in Green Mountain Falls, where the Olympic Committee has proposed building an indoor ice-rink for its latest exhibition sport, yeti wrestling.
"Those yeti's could get out and eat the ducks in our duck pond," said long-time resident Dick Bratton.
City Council members said they would reconsider the proposal April 2, since today is April Fool's Day.


Anonymous said...

Sweeet! I heard that the lifts will also be running in the summer so DH mountain bikers can practice as well!

Great scoop Dave!

Anonymous said...
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AndyW said...

Update! Olympic skiers Bode Miller and Ted Liggetty said they'll move to the Springs once the Winter Sports training facility is completed and the new housing complex is built. Also, German luger Gerhardt Spoder is said to be considering a move to the Springs.

"Ya," Spoder said. "Hear me now and believe me later, vee vill come to zee Pikes Peak and make fast on your luge track. Ya. Do not try to stop us, girly men of Colorado with your puny luge sleds. Ya."

Anonymous said...

Double loops on a luge and BigFoot wrestling.

Teleken said...

Also all woman will ski topless unless the new snow total is greater than 14 inches.

Zen said...

You guys are describing my perfect world.

Anonymous said...

It was not mentioned that Mother Nature was included in the negotiations and agreed to triple the amount of snowfall on the mountain.

Zen said...

We can only hope.