Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hard times in Vail: Man takes van instead of limo

It sounds like an Onion headline, but this is a real story from today's Vail Daily. Apparently stock market woes and general economic malaise have caught up even with this top-end ski town. Well, at least a little. The man mentioned in the headline still took his family of five skiing on vacation, but slept in and got half-day tickets.
“Do we want to pay $500 a day or $250 a day?” he said. “So we ski half-days.”


AndyW said...

Click the link folks. That story is teh awesome:

Snowboarder Kevin Quiambao, of Avon, was wearing a blue tie to make it easier for his friends to spot him — not because he can’t afford a scarf.

“I figure it keeps me warmer than a scarf,” he said. “Plus it makes me look all jazzy.”

Bitter McWestminsterer said...

Yeah, these are tough times. I'm saving some money by flying my G5 out of Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport. When I land at the Eagle County Airport, I actually take the ECO bus from the airport directly to the Vail Transportation Center. It's only $3 to ride the bus and I don't have to pay for the murderously expensive Vail parking.

Lloyd Christmas said...

I've had to stop most of my donations to help the Icelandic Snow Owl.

Dave Philipps said...

Good. I hate that owl.

Harry Dunne said...

Fraida told me the whole sleazy story, Mr. French Tickler!