Friday, April 11, 2008

Gear test: The Gadget bottle

When cyclist and tinkerer Steve Lach got tired of fishing in his jersey pockets for his cell phone while riding, only to realize the person who was calling was someone he’d rather not talk to, a light bulb went off. The result is the Gadget Bottle — a 22-ounce water bottle with a nook where riders can strap a cell phone, iPod or BlackBerry so you can see who’s calling or what’s playing while you’re riding, running, or getting crazy on the StairMaster.
Cost: $7.50
Where to get it: gadgetbottle .com
Bonus: If a band snaps, it can be replaced with one of those colorful, charity wristbands cyclists seem to have a lot of.
Bummer: An iPhone doesn’t work as well with a sticky coating of Gatorade.

1 comment:

Teleken said...

Hmm, seems the phone/iPod might get beat up a bit by a water bottle cage.