Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Skiing is official

The Colorado house passed a resolution Monday making Skiing and snowboarding the state's official form of winter recreation. Bet the ice fishing lobby wishes they had been a little more proactive. Seriously though, I'm now taking bets on what the next feel-good, time-wasting "official" designation from the legislature. We'll probably go the way of California (we usually do.) Besides having a state dance and state grass, it has an official state soil. That would be the San Joaquin soil.
Think Pikes Peak gravel has a shot?


WidespreadBoo said...

Dave/Dena, did you see new Epic Pass Vail is offering?


Curious if you have any contacts to see what pass offerings will be next year. Will Colorado Pass still be offered, etc.

Dave Philipps said...

They keep that very mum. Often they won't tell us until the day they tell everyone. Even finding out daily lift ticket prices can be a pain.