Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Medicinewheel's plans for 2008

Here's what local bike advocacy group Medicine Wheel wants to do, according to their Website, in 2008

Finish the Bear Creek Singletrack Project
Start the West Bear Creek Trail
Ute Valley Park Trail Building - with Rock Shox
Ongoing trail maintenance in Palmer Park
Red Rock Canyon Freeride Park Phase II
Layout new trail in Cheyenne Mtn State Park
Fight tooth and nail to let bikes back into Garden of the Gods after over 20 years by staging raucous "bike-ins" at city council meetings.

Oh, wait. Never mind about that last one. (That's 2009)


Anonymous said...

Right on brother- give us back our Garden loop!! Crikey at least September-May. Damn commercial horse trips.

- Teleken

zen said...

Technically it's the state fossil - the stegosaurus. And I believe they call the RM bighorn the "state animal", not the state mammal (though it is one). Now where's my damn star? And it better be real gold.