Monday, March 31, 2008

Intertube prices set to climb 42%

From Bike Radar:

The shortage in butyl – used to make inner tubes – has resulted in a 42% price increase in tire prices as well as other components also set to increase. That could mean inner tubes climbing in price to about $8.


Teleken said...

Time for a War on Goatheads before they puncture us into financial ruin! It's bad enough that a quality bike tire costs $45 now $8 tubes- crickey.

USBOC Chairman said...

This could really have an impact on the 2010 Beer Olympics slated to take place on the Shenendoah at Harper's Ferry. This has thrown the proverbial wrench in the gears for the already depressed West Virginia economy, title Sponsors and Event coordinators.

Zen said...

I blame Bush. Though all these shortages are sure to jumpstart recycling efforts. And that's never a bad thing. Sustainable economy ho!