Friday, March 28, 2008

How did Captain Jacks get its name

The popular multi-use trail has a colorful history. This is from Zoltan Malocsay's Trails Guide, Denver to Pikes Peak:
Mrs. Ellen Jack was a prospector who found and
sold a valuable mine, then moved to early-day
Colorado Springs and built what would now be
called a motel on top of the High Drive. She always wore a
six-gun and a pickax in her belt and claimed to
bear a scar from a poisoned tomahawk dating from
the last Gunnison Indian uprising. The real
Captain Jack was her husband, who was just a
memory when Ellen arrived, yet people called her
Captain Jack. Nothing remains of her place but
the parking lot.


Billy Joel said...

None of that is true.

UltraRob said...

Interesting bits of information if it is true. I've never heard any reason and hadn't even thought about it. I'd rather think of flying down it on my bike.