Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hiker rescued off Pikes Peak

A Denver-area man in his early 20s was lifted off the peak this afternoon after spending a night on the mountain.

I haven't seen the report, but I heard on KOAA that the man was hiking up from the Crags.

A Teller County Search and Rescue official said the man summited but got lost on the way down. He had a cell phone and talked to sheriff's officials occasionally last night. He had been hiking with a friend, but the friend had turned back after experiencing problems with the altitude.

The friend notified authorities when the man failed to meet up. He is said to be an experienced hiker, and had snowshoes. He was checked out and said to be in good health.

El Paso County Search and Rescue, the Teller County Sheriff's Department and the Army National Guard helped with the rescue. Rescuers also had snowshoes but said they often found themselves in waist-deep in snow.

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UltraRob said...

I summited Pikes Peak last weekend using Barr Trail. We left around 9 PM Friday night and had a great moonlight hike until timberline. Around timberline we got caught in a snowstorm and even once it got light we couldn't see much. With the new snow, it didn't seem our snowshoes were doing much good. It took us 6 hours to go from timberline to the summit.

We were prepared to bivy if we had to but I really wouldn't have wanted to in the conditions.