Friday, March 07, 2008

Gear up

Today's cool gear : the Ruffwear Quickdraw leash
Ruffwear Quick Draw leash
Good dogs don’t need a leash all the time.
Deep in the forest on uncrowded trails, dogs love to trot unteth
ered. But you never know when you’ll encounter something (a bear, another dog, a three-dayold, half-eaten breakfast burrito) where quick restraint could be very handy.
That’s just what the Quick Draw leash was designed for. Hook the short leash to a dog’s collar, then wrap it around the
neck where it secures with sturdy Velcro. If you need a leash, just pop the Velcro.
Price: $12
Where to get it:
Bonus: Reflective stitching makes it easy to spot in the dark.
Bummer: Probably will be abused by irresponsible dog owners in busy city open spaces.

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Anonymous said...

Cool idea for the fast grab. Dang velcro just loves dog hair though my old dog (RIP) would go crazy with his hair stuck to it.


Dave Philipps said...

I only have shot-haired dogs.

zen said...

I can also recommend their Web Master Harness which has a grab handle for quick control. It's also good if you snowshoe or ski with your dog and might find yourself in a position where you need to extricate your mutt from deep snow, but wouldn't want to drag them out by the neck.

For years we've used a Gentle Leader as a hiking collar. You can find them at local pet stores, or for info visit

It's an excellent dog training collar that goes around the neck & over the muzzle (though it is NOT a muzzle) placing the point of leash attachment under the head. When you pull the leash, it pulls the dog's head down into a submissive posture providing a great level of situational control, and reduces struggle. It really works well.

The bonus though is if your dog is not in a tight situation where you need assured control, or you aren't training, just put it around the neck like a regular collar & leave the muzzle portion dangling. It's a perfect "mini leash".

Don't Tase Me said...

They need the portable version of the Invisible Fence. Keep the same collar on the dog, but have a portable panic button. When the dog starts running towards somebody or a mountain cat push the panic button and give him a jolt of energy. It worked with that University of Florida kid.

zen said...

They do have those.