Friday, March 21, 2008

Dow to enforce poaching of roadless areas too

DOW OFFICERS TO ENFORCE MOTORIZED VEHICLE REGULATIONS ON FEDERAL LAND A new law lets Colorado Division of Wildlife officers enforce motorized vehicle regulations on federal public lands..

This bill, signed by Gov. Bill Ritter on March 20, specifies that DOW officers along with other state law enforcement officers will now be able to issue tickets in the field to those who violate motorized vehicle laws.

Anyone who spends time in public lands (who isn't a bad hombre) will probably agree this law was needed. The U.S. Forest Service is spread thin, and can't keep up with the number of tire-spinning yahoos tearing up some parts of the national forest.

“This bill is the result of many people coming together in an effort to preserve public lands in Colorado. It addresses the growing problem of unauthorized motor vehicle use in prohibited areas and we look forward to assisting federal agencies in enforcement on public lands," said Tom Remington, Director of the Division of Wildlife.


Teleken said...

Thios has been a long time coming but I'm not sure I would approach those ya-hoos alone in the woods to issue a ticket. I've had too many conflcts with red necks over minor issues like riding a bike to even look them in the eye.

Dave Philipps said...

You need to start packin', and I'm not talkin' about your bags.

Zen said...

I'm all for mandatory castration.

cftbq said...

I really don't welcome this. Why? Because I doubt they're going to concentrate much on "tire-spinning yahoos tearing up some parts of the national forest." I do believe they'll spend a lot of time and energy on enforcing licensing, registration and insurance rules.