Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A brewing battle over Battle Mountain

Folks in the small town of Minturn are mobilizing to oppose the proposed Battle Mountain private ski area that a Florida-based golf and resort company wants to build 1,700 homes, a golf course and 1,100 acres of ski terrain on 5,300-plus acres of Battle Mountain.

Here's the hitch: In order to develop, the resort must by annexed by the tiny town of Minturn. The city council approved the annexation in February. But some residents aren't so sure they want more congestion, more skiers, and more second homes in their little community, so they are petitioning to have a referendum. It only takes 73 signatures in the tiny town to get a referendum, and organizers say they're "75 percent there."


Teleken said...

Good for them, they can kiss that town goodbye if this thing gets built. Second homes and condos will fill the place pushing everyone down valley (and that's not affordable anymore either).

Zen said...

Ya good luck. Battle Mountain is all private. They might reduce density, but they're not gonna stop this (though the economy might hold it up).

Teleken said...

Once it is built any guesses as to how long before Vail makes a move for it to set up connceting the areas?