Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wildlife Census

I just got a chance to flip through my winter copy of Colorado Outdoors, the magazine of the Colorado Division of Wildlife, and I found the estimated state populations for elk, deer and antelope. Who knows if there will be this many after this winter. I haven't seen the South Park antelope herd in several weeks, and I used to be able to count on spotting them every time I drove through. Anyway, here are the numbers.

2006 post hunt population estimate:
Elk: 271,840
Deer: 612,760
Antelope: 73,020


Pine Marten Hunter said...

2008 post hunt population estimate:

Pine Marten: 0

Anonymous said...

Funny, I had the same thought driving South Park Sunday. I wondered if they had retreated up to the South facing hills on the North side of the HWY (?)

Teleken said- new log in has me confused.

Anonymous said...

Please, anyone who is able, get a deer tag and reduce the deer population.