Monday, February 11, 2008

Lake Powell betting on snowmelt

A few years ago I wrote about Lake Powell being at its lowest level in 40 years, allowing hikers to explore areas long underwater. After three above average years of Colorado snow pack, houseboat renters at the reservoir are now betting the level with rise so much that Castle Rock Cut, across from the Wahweap Marina, will be open for the first time in five years, saving boaters 12 miles of travel between Wahweap Marina the main lake. In response Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas is offering houseboaters a “Cut Open Guarantee” package to encourage guests to book.
Goodbye Music Temple.


Teleken said...

We have a lot of snow, but from the pictures I've seen of Powell it would take much more to fill it back up.

Hayduke sez "blow the damn now before it fills back up."

Dave Philipps said...

Yeah, but Hayduke was a jerk.