Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A great burrito shop

In my quest to document good, fast food (but not "fast food") places across the Western Slope, I bring you this week's edition: Durango's Cocina Linda. This little, family run joint next to the Albertson's downtown (311 W. College Dr.) specializes in what I would call college hippie Oaxacan cuisine. It's mole sauces and amazingly good poblano rellenos from the southwestern mountain coast of Mexico, with local hippie ingredients such as organic, grass fed Taylor Ranch beef. The grass give the beef almost a venison taste, and it's great on a taco with cotija cheese. If you're on the go, the place also has big burritos with excellent beans and rice.

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radbluebill said...

Another great burrito place in Durango is Nini's Taqueria. It is located across from the train depot.