Friday, February 29, 2008

Gear up

From our gear review files:

Nikwax Down Proof

Nothing beats puffy down for lightweight warmth in jackets and
sleeping bags, but get the feathers wet and they’ll collapse like Superman after a kryptonite martini, losing all insulating ability.
To protect your down, and yourself, nothing works better than Nikwax Down Proof. It even staves off humidity and dew that can sap down’s insulating power.
Just pour the waterproofer in the washing machine, add your sleeping bag or jacket, and set on gentle. Directions suggest using a front-load washer, but we threw a 12-year-old down bag into a home top-load washer with no problems. It came out with renewed puffy loft and more waterproof than the day it was made.
Bonus: It’s fun to watch water droplets bead on the nylon shell.
Bummer: Nikwax recommends you use its down cleaner ($7.50) before waterproofing.
Price: $9-$11
Where to get it: Mountain Chalet, REI
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