Monday, February 25, 2008

Gear up

Out there has been running gear reviews for years, but many readers have had trouble finding them online, so I'll begin posting them weekly. Here is the first:


Sigg Active Top aluminum water bottle

An old standby has a hip new look now that Sigg water bottles come decorated with stripes and swirls of every color.
The sturdy Swissmade bottles, which have an optional nipple top to replace the screw top, arrive at a time when the outdoor world is in a tizzy over whether Lexan
plastic bottles release toxic chemicals, pushing them to the front of the shelf. Plus, they look cool.
Bonus: 144 vibrant designs
Bummer: Paint scratches easily, aluminum conducts heat so water warms faster than in a plastic bottle.
Price: $20
Where to get it: Mountain Chalet, REI
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