Thursday, February 21, 2008

Full Pikes Peak SKi Area story

To read about the proposed new Pikes Peak ski area which could eventually include five chairlifts, 33 ski trails, three restaurants, a 300-room hotel and 350 condos, click here.

On the right is an old brochure from the now-defunct Pikes Peak Ski Area. Click it to see it full-size.


Anonymous said...

I learned how to ski at the old area. Long live the Whitney Falcon trail!!

Dave Philipps said...

From a reader:

I was so happy when I saw your colum that I cried. Growing up in the Springs I was a member of the Broadmoor ski team. We are relocating from Phoenix (where we boat for fun) to the Springs and I wanted so much for there to be a local ski area for my daughter. It looks like my prayers may be answered. I was even going to ask my brother-in-law, a local investor and philanthropist to consider the idea for himself.
Jennifer Siner