Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do you recognize alleged poacher?

This is a photo that ran in today's Gazette that shows two men who allegedly illegally killed an elk near Florissant a few weeks ago.

Someone visiting the area took the photo after coming upon the scene while driving. The man in the white shirt also is a visitor who came upon the scene.
The witnesses described three men in their late 30s or early 40s and a teen about 14-16 loading the carcass into a dark red, extended cab Ford F-350 with dual rear wheels. It had Colorado plates and some damage to the driver's side over the front wheel well.
If you have info, call 719-748-3253 or 1-877-265-6648.
ADDED: Here's the link Zen sent in his comment below, with close-up photo and more info.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they created some story about hitting the elk with their truck?

zen said...

Here's a link to a PDF with more information, and larger images of the poachers. From the Fossil Beds website...