Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Big, fat flakes

I was the only one climbing the incline yesterday afternoon at about 4:30. It was one of the most magical winter days this year. No wind. No sun. Just a close blanket of clouds muffling all sound and dropping light clusters of snowflakes as fat as June miller moths. They were so big and airy that instead of dropping straight down, they meandered, finally falling in a light fluff.

Unfortunately, the fluff covered some serious ice. On the way down I slipped and almost squashed my chiweenie.


cshort said...

First rule of winter hiking: protect your chiweenie at all times.

Dave Philipps said...

The chiweenie can get powder face shots in four inches of snow.

Teleken said...

Time to sue the owners for not clearing out that ice and endangering your chiweenie.
Slip & fall? Call the strongarm.

AndyW said...

The chiweenie would gladly give his life to cushion your fall. Sadly, his sacrifice would have been in vain, since if you squished him, your wife would break your arm anyway.