Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big and getting bigger

Outdoor retail giant Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), announced its 2007 sales of $1.3 billion. The sales growth over 2006 represents an increase of 13.5 percent. REI’s comp store sales were up 8.2 percent, marking three consecutive years of eight percent or higher. The company added seven stores, including a green design prototype in, you guessed it, Boulder.


Teleken said...

Dang! I bet a lot of retailers dream they could have posted a 13% increase last year. I just wish we had a better REI store here, this one is the red headed stepchild of the REI system.

Dave Philipps said...

It's no Denver flagship.

Erik said...

REI’s comp store sales were up 8.2 percent,

Great, so they are making pace with actual inflation. It's good news that their sales are essentially flat, especially when considering other outlets, but on the other hand its really messed up that inflation is so high. (Yes I AM aware that the hedonically adjusted CPI is well below 8%, but there is a reason it is called "hedonically adjusted")