Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Basin goes 100% wind power

Arapahoe Basin anounced a switch to offset 100% of its energy use with wind power through Renewable Choice.
To celebrate
, the Basin will hold a Climate Awareness Day Saturday, February 9, 2008. The ski area will spend the day partnering with local and national companies focusing on educating the public on alternative energy sources as well as other environmentally friendly practices.
The move is part of a growing trend in the climate conscious ski industry. Copper and all five Vail resorts now get their energy from wind.
What I'm waiting for is wind turbines at the ski areas. Lord knows places like Breckenridge are windy enough.


Teleken said...

They don't exactly "get their power from wind"

While I support their efforts to purchase offsets it is a bit of marketing BS at work. If resorts stop expanding (both on mountain and base areas) I'll give them some credit for saving energy.

Dave Philipps said...

Agreed. How bout moving the season two weeks later in the year to save on snowmaking energy.