Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This I love...

The Gear Junkie is at the Outdoor Retailer show, where he discovered Merrell's new do-it-yourself puffy jacket.

The jacket comes as an empty shell, a semi-transparent white nylon piece with its insulating areas open and free. Stuff with whatever insulating items the wearer desires. Just zip open the long pockets and stuff in crumpled newspaper, dead leaves, Styrofoam packing peanuts, lead shot or whatever else. The model above appears to be stuffed with plastic newspaper bags, which could make it an ideal coat for responsible winter dog walking.

Available: Fall 2008; will come in a men’s and women’s version

Price: $99


Zen said...

So I'm paing $99 for a coat-shaped nylon baggie that I stuff with trash? Awesome! Now I don't have to carry a litter bag anymore!


Teleken said...

Should be worn by all the responsible pet owners in Dog Crap, uuh Red Rock Canyon Park.