Monday, January 28, 2008

Katie Compton DNFs at World Cyclocross Champs

A few weeks ago we had a profile in Out There of Colorado Springs Cyclist Katie Compton, who was one of the favorites to win the women's World Cup Championships in Cyclocross in Italy Sunday. According to Velonews, she, instead ran into trouble early.
The bicycle news Website said she dropped out in the first lap, and that "Compton has been suffering from a recurring muscle ailment that has kept her off her bike for the past two weeks and has left her with a noticeable limp at times. Before the race on Sunday, Compton said she planned "to start and then see how I feel, but right now, I'm not too sure."

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Teleken said...

That's too bad. Racing is tough you have to stay strong the entire season and have extra reserves for the big ones at the end. At least she had a memorable and historic year- excellent work Katie.