Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gas drilling in Baca Wildlife Refuge

NPR had a story this morning on attempts to drill in the new Baca Wildlife Refuge near Crestone.
Listen to it here.


Teleken said...

Energy needs are growing but it is sad that the current drive is giving the developers carte blanche. As with the Roan I hope they only allow small exploration to access the actual amount of available resources.

Zen said...

Crestone has long fashioned itself as not simply a community of alternative living, but one championing hope for a sustainable future.

With its world class efforts in organic seed banking, the promotion of renewable energy technologies, innovations in the development of self-sufficient housing - aka earthships - and the Manitou Foundation's commitment to fostering integrative spiritual dialogue between the world's great religions, Crestone is a luminous jewel in the trash heap of the world's vacuuous hyper consumptive search for meaning.

But this drilling fiasco is further evidence that there is no physical sanctuary above the fray. There is no high alpine lake, no distant summit, no deep sea untouched by our industrial chemical ways.

There's only the muck and mire and shit of being in it. Which is exactly the condition and catalyst that gives rise to the beautiful bloom of the lotus flower, that great symbol of enlightened awakening in the East.

One can only hope the residents of Crestone find it within themselves to not sink into the bitter depths of what presumes to be a nasty fight, and instead will find it within themselves to blossom and grow and press on with their vision for a better world for all, even as that great industrial beast of extractive industries blows hard at their own door.