Friday, January 25, 2008

The best trail website for the region

Is Where else can you find free maps, descriptions and photos for over almost 100 local trails? We have popular classics such as Waldo Canyon and Barr Trail, and more obscure gems, such as the long way up Mount Rosa, and little-climbed Mays Peak. Check it out.


gulo said...

the gazette trail web is great and I learned about several new places I'd like to explore.

Now for a little self-promotion (hope it's ok)

I am also running a small website with Colorado Springs trails. My main focus are GPS maps and photos, so it's best viewed in Google Earth. So far I don't have tons of hikes but many more will be added this summer (can't wait)

the address is

ps: I also have Mays Peak :P

Zen said...

What this region needs is a portal site. Hmmmm... I may have to set that up.

Anonymous said...

Nice site Gulo, Thanks for the link!!