Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Andrew McLean on Colbert tonight (Wed.)

This could be cool... or it could totally suck. Expeditionary skier extraordinaire Andrew McLean will be on "The Colbert Report" tonight. I think that's 11 p.m. for Comcast subscribers, 9 p.m. for those of us with satellite.

He'll be talking about the ski doc "Steep," which I wrote about last week (and will have a review of on Friday in Go - I give it a B+, if I recall correctly).

McLean sort of serves as the film's voice of reason, after the death of Doug Coombs and the ever-greater extremes extreme skiers go to. It's a little ironic, given that, that the film's most harrowing scene captures McLean and his party being caught in an avalanche in Iceland. It's seriously intense - you've never seen anything like this on film before.

I talked to McLean for a few minutes after the film's premiere at Telluride. He was pretty positive about the film, having a record of extreme skiing's history and honoring its pioneers. He said his mom was always wondering what exactly it is that he does and, with this, he could just show her the movie.

Can't imagine what he and Stephen Colbert will have to talk about, but I'll be watching.

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