Friday, January 04, 2008

52 Things - let the games begin!

Dave didn't really expound on this, but if you'll take a look at the introduction to today's Out There story, you'll notice that this is not just another "here's a bunch of crap to do in 2008" story. Oh no.

There's also a checklist involved. And a prize. Or two.

This was basically our way to throw some sweet schwag at loyal readers of the Out There blog. Sweet as in a couple hundred bucks to spend at Mountain Chalet sweet*.

Dave and I figured that, in an average year, we'd each do 10 or 15 things on the Big List just in the natural course of events. He runs the Ascent. I run the Numbers. He skis the Imperial Challenge. I ski the trees at Steamboat. You get the gist.

With that in mind, we figured that some enterprising soul could, with a modicum of additional effort, knock off say 25 or 30 or even 40 items from the List. And take a photo while they're doing it. And send those photos to us to post here.

In return, we'd shower them with glory. And schwag. Don't forget the schwag.

So, you readers of Out There blog you, pick up today's section, pin it up to the wall and start checking stuff off. We'll make it worth your while.

*Note that we haven't actually bought the aforementioned gift certificate, so our willingness to write a medium-big check will be in direct proportion to your willingness to play along.


zen said...

I would but I'm lazy. Hey do they sell hammocks and beer coolers at Mountain Chalet? It's an outdoor sport - Pro Mountain Lounging.

AndyW said...

Don't be lazy - if you spot me a Dec. 29 hut trip, I'll have three crossed off by this weekend. And I have a head cold.

Anyway, I am, sadly, ineligible, but we might let Dena in on the game.

Really, more than the cash, it's the honor of the thing. We'll make up a t-shirt or something. Maybe a crown.

Biker Betty said...

This sounds like fun. My family isn't good enough for the skiing stuff, probably not in good enough shape for the snowshoeing to Barr Camp (does sound fun), but the mountain biking in Pueblo sounds fun and doable. Some of the other activities later in the year also sound like fun. We will see what we can do :)

AndyW said...

That's the spirit. You still get credit if you hike up to Barr Camp in the snow - snowshoes just adds style points.

We didn't count exactly, but we tried to make the list half pretty easily achievable activities and half activities for, um, "enthusiasts." So hopefully there's something for everyone on there.

Dena Rosenberry said...

Hey, Biker Betty. Good to hear from you. Pick out the fun stuff, grab the kids and go!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Dena & Andyw,

I have put this edition of the "Out There" in a safe spot. With trusty camera in hand (my family hates that contraption, lol), we will do at least one or two of those on the list. You do have a nice range of activities for all. Great idea.