Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm trapped in Summit County, and the skiing is great

Actually, the road just opened about an hour ago, but I-70 and Highway 9 were closed all day due to blowing snow and avalanche danger.  I have a friend who patrols at Breck who said they recorded a gust of 104 mph.  Yikes. That and temperatures hovering around 0 degrees helped keep what should have been a crazy busy day on the slopes somewhat sane, or even sparse.
On a run at Breckenridge in the afternoon, I found myself totally alone on an untracked (if wind loaded) slope.  It was awesome, but I think I may lose a bit of skin off my nose from the cold temps.
Oh, by the way, happy new year. 


zen said...

Happy New Year Dave, Dena and crew.

Brian said...

Hi Dave,

Happy New Year. Pop Quiz in the Gazette was really funny. Nice writing. I read it to my wife for a while laughing and thought- "This can't be Dave Philipps...", looked at the byline, and what do you know.

Enjoy the snow.