Friday, December 14, 2007

Crags: the good the bad and the ugly

This just in from hiker Bill Brown:

I've been up to the Crags a couple times this week. In
case you haven't been, here's what's going on:
The Good - About 6-8" of white fluffy stuff in the area of the campground. About 10-14" higher up. More's coming.
The Good - The road has been plowed, seemingly after every snowfall. I believe Harvey Carter has been doing this, at least above the Mennonite Camp. Last year the road didn't get plowed above the Mennonite Camp because Harvey's truck/snowplow was broken. Now it's plowed all the way to his property, and even the next 1/4 mile to the Ring the Peak trailhead. Let's hope Harvey keeps it up!
The Ugly - The campground is "Closed", supposedly for hazard tree removal. Obviously they started cutting some trees last summer and the job is not
finished. But why the heck they would gate off the campground, with all its parking, for an operation that's not taking place over the winter is beyond me!
The campground parking lot normally has dozens of vehicles on prime weekends for skiers and snowshoers.
People are going to have to get very creative about parking around the campground this winter.


Teleken said...

Competition for the 4 spots just below the campground entrance will be fierce. Years ago I got stuck for 2 hours after Harvey's truck "broke" in the middle of the road. If it's not his truck it's someone else stuck. A trip to the Crags is always such a crap shoot. They really need to block it above the Mennonite camp to ski/hike up the road.

zen said...

Anyone ask the USFS their opinion on this? If they aren't working through the winter, then exactly why is parking off limits? That's a bad winter move if you ask me. They're begging for resource damage and stuck vehicles.