Thursday, December 13, 2007

Adaman club lives up to its name

Every year the Adaman club climbs Pikes Peak to set of fireworks on New Year's Eve. And every year, since ounders of the group, known affectionately as the “Frozen Five”, made their first New Year’s trek up Pikes Peak in 1922, they have added a member.

This year it's Mark Szabo, 48. As the new member, Szabo will have the honor of breaking trail over the icy slopes of Barr Trail to the summit of Pikes Peak. Weather permitting, the Club’s members and guests will greet the New Year at midnight, December 31st with a spectacular fireworks display at the 14,110-foot summit. Szabo is a Colorado native and has climbed with the Club as a guest for 9 years. He has extensive mountaineering experience and has climbed several 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado. Szabo is owner of Baseline Computer Service in Colorado Springs.


Teleken said...

Good for Mark. I was lucky enough to do 4 climbs with the club and remember he is a nice guy.

Anonymous said...

Mark, congratulations. The Mississippi Szabo's are proud of you. Hopefully we can catch you on the slopes again some day. Be careful on your way up to Pike's Peak.

Don "Slow Brain" Szabo said...

Mark is my younger brother and I worked with him for several years in the Springs area. Personally I remember Mark as an insensitive slave driver that was always first to take credit...a real piker

Mark, I had to include this to balance the good and bad....

your loving brother, Don

PS Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mark. You always have been pretty special!

Love, Aunt Lois & Uncle Steve