Monday, December 03, 2007

10th Mountain Hut last weekend

My wife and I headed up to 10th Mountain Hut near Leadville just in time to catch the first taste of winter. We headed up to Leadville Friday night to stay ahead of the storm. The flakes started falling at about BV, but things didn't get wintry until we passed the Twin Lakes turnoff. Spent the night at the Super 8 (yay!), had dinner at Rosie's and were at the trailhead by 9 Saturday morning.

The weather was pretty decent early Saturday - sunbreaks and snow showers and temps in the upper 20's, so we couldn't complain. We broke trail the whole way through eight to 12 inches of fresh powder. The wind started to kick up just as we arrived at the hut.

A pair of telemarkers from Boulder were just getting ready to leave. They said they'd hiked nearly the whole way in on Friday -- there was that little snow before Saturday's dump. They thanked us for breaking trail, but with the wind howling, I'm sure our tracks were gone within 20 minutes. A group of snowshoers arrived a couple hours later, exhausted, and said they'd been breaking trail the whole way.

Here's Carrie gearing up for a dash to the outhouse.

Sunday morning was beautiful, if still occasionally windy with a total of about two feet of fresh on the ground. Some of the snowshoers left early, so we had a trough to ski in most of the way, breaking trail only the last half-mile. The powder was tempting, but with no base, you'd be hitting trees or rocks with every turn.

Leadville was positively buried, but almost all the snow had disappeared by the time we got down to BV.


Anonymous said...

Sweeet, now I can start the '07-'08touring season up there. Thanks for the post the best news in months!

Dave Philipps said...

Nice pics, dude.