Thursday, November 01, 2007

Warren Miller 3 days in a row!

Even if you have tickets to the Friday or Saturday showings of the new Warren Miller film "Playground," you might want to check out a free Miller moment tonight:

Get your snow gear on and watch "Off the Grid" and "Higher Ground" - FREE - outdoors at The Faricy Boys, 4950 New Car Drive. (just west of Powers on Woodmen)

The movies start at 7 p.m. BYOC - bring your own chair

There'll be prizes - lift tickets, lodging, skis, bindings - entertainment and refreshments hot chocolate and popcorn.

(What's up with the photo? That's Jon Olsson, shot by Mattias Fredriksson - part of the "Playground" promo photos.)


Dave Philipps said...

I gotta say, we got a preview/review copy of the new Warren Miller and, well, there's too much corny narration and not enough skiing. Although, the skiing that is there is pretty sweet. It put me in the mood.

Teleken said...

Sounds like all the other Miller movies and what skiing it is is often big jumps and steep Alaska lines. Nice to see for a few minutes but boring after an hour.