Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not exactly the dump we were hoping for

Beckenridge (above) and Winter Park claim the most powder out of this storm -- 6 inches, according to On its website, Vail proclaimed 4 inches "super snow day" with a big !
Monarch still looks like my yard this morning, a dusting over dry leaves.
The good news is, it's cold, which means the big resorts can fire up the guns and make man-made snow (below). Afterall, man-made snow is better than no snow at all.


zen said...

Yeah it doesn't look good. The latest climatology reports I've read indicate that this dry spell will hold out through December, and may stretch all the way into February. La Nina set up way late (in August) and came on stronger than expected.

But hey ... it could be worse. We could be in Altanta.

Brian Perry said...

When we have to feel lucky compared to Atlanta, it's a pretty poor start to the season!