Monday, November 26, 2007

Good news for monarchs

CERRO PRIETO, Mexico (AP) — President Felipe Calderon unveiled a sweeping plan Sunday to curb logging and protect millions of monarch butterflies that migrate to the mountains of central Mexico each winter, covering trees and bushes and attracting visitors from around the world.
The plan will put $4.6 million toward additional equipment and advertising for the existing Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, covering a 124,000-acre swathe of trees and mountains that for thousands of years has served as the winter nesting ground to millions of orange- and black-winged monarch butterflies.

Since these are the same monarchs (or at least relatives of the same monarchs) we see fluttering through Colorado, this is a critical piece of conservation. Let's hope it works.


Teleken said...

Pretty sad day when even Mexico does more to protect the environment than the US of A. 1/20/09 can't get here fast enough.

alarmist said...

1/20/09 - is that when Mexico will release all the killer bees they've also been providing a safe haven for?

zen said...

No that's when Bush takes a bow and Cheney returns to the underworld.