Tuesday, November 06, 2007

40 minutes late

On November 3, at approximately 3:40PM Mountain Time Andy Skurka poked his head, then body, and finally feet above the rim wall at Grandview Point, Grand Canyon, finishing a 6,875-mile hike called the Grand Loop that he started in April. He had predicted he'd be there by 3 p.m., but I guess a few minutes isn't bad for a six-month mega hike. We have a profile of him here. A good-sized group of people were there to greet him including family, friends, representatives from GoLite and Backpakcing Light Magazine, and people who had avidly followed Andy's progress throughout his trip. It was a fantastic moment. In the next few days we will have more, but for now a very heartfelt congratulations.

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Teleken said...

What a grand adventure. I can't believe how light his pack was. I like too much to go that spartan.