Friday, November 16, 2007

10th Mountain Division in Colorado

Out There today features a story about skiing the stiff, heavy planks the 10th Mountain Division used during World War II.
Few groups of men are so revered in the Colorado Rockies as the troopers of the 10th Mountain Division who were stationed at Camp Hale near Leadville During World War II. Why? Well, Coloradoans love skiing, and these guys were a who's who list of skiers. Several of them were great skiers even before joining the 10th, but put them all together in isolation and great things happen. After the war, this group of guys was pivotal in making Colorado into the ski capital it is today.
Much documentary work has been done on these guys.
For a great site with photos, video interviews with veterans and lots of cool history, click here.
For more info about Camp Hale, click here.

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