Monday, October 01, 2007

Snow in the mountains, dust on the trail

I just got back from a sweet biking trip to Fruita with Gazette TV writer Andrew Wineke and other good friends. Two days of riding on almost all trails I'd never done before. The big news is this: if you like to bike Fruita, but have never ventured beyond your favorites in the Colorado River area, it's time to branch out. We tried Lion's Loop and Troy Built. Both are awesome: constantly challenging, but utterly ridable. Troy's is almost all singletrack too. Best of all, they get very little traffic. We were there on a prime weekend and only met two bikers in over 10 miles. Better yet, no one got seriously hurt, although we did have one butt-to-cactus incident that necessitated several minutes of plucking.


Erik said...

several minutes of plucking.

Several minutes of plucking, and years, if not decades, of razzing!

Anonymous said...

lions loop and troys are in the river"kokopelli loops".
this article doesn't make sense.

Dave Philipps said...

P.S. The pic in this post is from Zippity in the Book Cliffs Area.