Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dramatic bear rescue

I saw these photos - and others - on my desktop this morning at home and wondered where they came from. Apparently locals up near Tahoe in California rescued this 250-pound black bear that jumped off a bridge to avoid getting hit by passing cars. He then got stuck on a ledge.

It's an elaborate rescue.

Check out this story in the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

See the rescue photos side by side here.

Awesome job. The bear was urged back into the forest when it came to. I wonder when it'll venture near a road again!


Stephen Colbert said...

Two seconds earlier and I would have hit that bear!

otowi said...

Glad he was rescued!

anon said...

Stephen! can you believe how much time and money was wasted just to rescue a godless killing machine?!?!

Anonymous said...

atleast they managed to use a net for this one and not like the one that was in a tree and hit the ground instead of the boxes they tried to put under it!
glad he was rescued too!