Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Still plenty of adventure

Those who say Colorado's fourteeners unexciting highways, need to look at this awesome trip report on about a 5th Class scurry in questionalby weather along the Snowmass/Hagerman traverse. There is great scrambling to be done on many mountains as soon as you get off the standard route. Often, those untracked ridges have phenominal views, super exposure, and no guide book to tell you what to expect. This is real adventure. I love seeing it.


Teleken said...

Holy butt-pucker Batman!

Zen said...

The problem with encouraging new routes / off trail is of course erosion. A few adrenaline junkies isn't going to do much, but mountains full of gonzo seekers is another story. And you know its coming.

Dave Philipps said...

Perhaps you're right, Zen. Although fortunately, on these really nasty routes, there is nothing living -- no grass, no marmots. So, in a way, everyone doing these routes would be better than everyone doing the standard routes.