Friday, September 07, 2007

The newest Colorado ski area -- almost

Just got an e-mail update from Eclipse Snow Park, a new small ski area proposed near St. Mary's Glacier west of Denver. It's part of a continuing Colorado trend of offering cheaper, more convenient ski spots in niche markets. The other part of the trend is Echo Mountain, which opened in 2005.
The place is small, about 330 acres, but it talks big. This is from the Website:
Eclipse Snow Park plans to redefine the meaning of “ski season.” When the St. Mary’s Ski Area was open in the 1970’s and 80’s it stayed open later than any other resort in Colorado. With a little help from Mother Nature, modern technology, and snow farming techniques whispers of year round operations are being uttered around the Front Range.
But first they have to open. Here's the latest news on that from an email this week:
This summer we were busy collecting all the necessary data to include in our submittal packet to the county for Development Review. This is the final step in the county process to getting Eclipse Snow Park up and running. It is a public comment period so once our Submittal is complete it will be sent out to all the necessary agencies and will be available to the public for viewing.


zen said...

Anyone have any updates on the Carter property at the end of the Crags road? Last I know, Dave had some info about a possible plan for a resort up there. The Forest Service fixed the road this summer too, all the way to Carter's property. But I haven't heard anything definite. To my knowledge, the land is still on the market. But being the snowy side of the peak, and between roughly 10,000 - 11.500 feet I can't imagine anything other than summer homes (especially at the high end) or a single lift resort.

Dave Philipps said...

I haven't heard any updates. We'll see. I think any ski area is a real long shot.